quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Skol procura criativos para campanhas da Skol 360 e Skol Litrão!

Skol is a beer Brazilians drink all over the place. In large metropolises like Sao Paulo to our tropical coastal beaches like Florianopolis and Bahia. Making people feel alive and connected with their friends is at the heart of Skol.

Skol is a light beer "that goes down round". That's why our logo is round with an arrow. All other beers here are "square". In Brazil, we like things "round"! http://youtu.be/4uLHKPHutHU

Please choose one of the two new Skol beer products below to work with:

Skol Litrao (New 1 Liter-Size Economic Bottle) – "So, if you could exchange something old and used for something new, what would it be? Or, what if the good things in life couldn't be refilled?" http://youtu.be/IJQRQvipfA4

Skol 360 (New Anti-Bloating Formula) – "Skol 360 does make you feel bloated from drinking too much beer. What's nice about drinking a beer that doesn't make you feel bloated? Or what can't you do when you're bloated?"

Keep your video anything under 90 seconds.

Our favorite video and film-maker will receive a usage fee of US$10,000. But we want to purchase more videos if we get some amazing stuff.

We're looking for some edgy, irreverent, good-humored, risk-taking film-makers to create what we're looking for. We're looking for something that can either be our national TV commercial campaign or something specifically designed for the web.

But most importantly, create something that you would want to share with your friends!

DEADLINE: March 15th, 2012

Complete information here.

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